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About HoD Records

Hand of Doom Records is a sublabel of germany based hardcore/punkrock label Backbite Records.

Backbite Records started out as a hardcore/punkrock record label. Beside this genre there is so much great music to discover, so we also started releasing a bunch of doom/sludge/stoner/heavy related records. As we are getting deeper and deeper into this, we finally decided to start sublabel Hand Of Doom Records and keep BBR a pure hardcore & punkrock home.

The first release in HoDR is a filthy session recording by the underground noise-masters in Mephistofeles.

Our signed acts codeia, Iron & Stone and the mighty Kavrila move over to have a new home at HoD Records from now on. You find their past physical releases right in our webshop.

So leave a "like" at the new facebook page and stay posted. This is nothing less then the start of a geat journey! (Mo + Crew)

Follow our artists on facebook and bandcamp!

"codeia" - experimental post metal (FFO ISIS, If These Trees Could Talk)

"codeia" on facebook

"codeia" on bandcamp

"Kavrila" - doom punk (FFO Mantar)

"Kavrila" on facebook

"Kavrila" on bandcamp

"Iron & Stone"  - doom rock / stoner rock (FFO Kyuss, The Obsesed)

"Iron & Stone" on facebook

"Iron & Stone" on bandcamp

"Mephistofeles" - heavy psych stoner / doom

"Mephistofeles" on facebook

"Mephistofeles" on bandcamp

"Sahara" - heavy psych stoner / doom

"Sahara" on facebook

"Sahara" on bandcamp

(Iron & Stone live 2018, pic by Andre Gross)